Join us for one of our many services during the week.


7:30 am – Rite I Eucharist
10:00 am – Rite II Eucharist*
5:15 pm – Centering Prayer in the Chapel

* On the first Sunday of each month St. Thomas’ offers a youth-led Eucharist, which will feature our youth as they take on the ushering, reading of scripture, leading of prayers of the people and alcolyting.  This unique service also offers a “paper bag sermon,” whereby a youth brings a small brown-paper bag which contains one item (nothing alive, nothing dead!) and the Rector will do a sermon based on that one item.  This interactive and easy- going sermon is for people of all ages.


9:30 am – Eucharist & Healing Service

Music at St. Thomas’

You can learn more about the music at St. Thomas’ on our website here

Other Worship Information:

The Service Schedule for the current quarter can be downloaded here.

Sunday Lessons can be downloaded from our website here.

Sunday Sermons can be downloaded from our website here.

Weekly Service Bulletins are available to download on our website here.