Chestnut Street Wall Renovation

Last year we discovered that our beloved St. Thomas’ is in need of serious repair. The mortar beneath the large stained-glass window on the Chestnut Street side of the church has begun to degrade. The weight of the window and the deterioration of the original mortar used in the construction or our church has made the lower part of the wall beneath it bow out. This construction project is necessary to prevent the loss of both the window and the back of the church.

Experts have assessed the problem and given us their recommendations. The good news is that it is possible to fix the church without the removal of the window; however, the estimate of the cost to repair the damage is $400,000.

We raise our voices in song here, bring our children here to learn about God, and ask for God’s blessing during milestone events: birthdays, weddings, baptisms and funerals. We learn to love the world in Christ’s name in this place. We pray that it may continue to be a place of solace, joy, and peace for another 100 years, and with your help—it will.

If you are interested in additional information, please download our Brochure.

You can donate to this project by cash, check or online.

Checks should be made payable to “St. Thomas’ Church” with “renovation” in the memo section. You can mail to: St. Thomas’ Church, PO Box 631, Camden, ME 04843-0631.