St Thomas’ Sunday School and Youth Programs

Welcome, St. Thomas offers nursery care, Sunday School, and programs for youth.

Nursery and childcare for those 4 and under is available during our 9:30 am service, and sometimes during special events.

Regular Sunday School is held during our 9:30 am service, from 9:15 to 10:20 am. Sunday School begins on the first Sunday after Labor day and runs until approximately the second Sunday in June.

We have two groups for Sunday School, the first for those ages 4-9 and another for children ages 9-12. The children in the 4-9 year old class learn stories from the bible using Godly Play, a Montessori-based teaching method using an assortment wood and felt pieces. After each lesson the children are invited to play with the pieces and retell the story themselves.

Children in the 9-12 class hear stories more directly from the bible, followed by discussion, and also participate in readings from the bible.

Both classes include crafts as part of their lesson time, and there is frequently opportunity for plays and music as part of the day’s fun.

Children also join in special events throughout the year, such as in the appearance of saints on All Saint’s Day and in our Christmas Pageant.

New this year we will also be offering a program called Rite 13 for youth ages 12 and up, which guides them using lessons designed to help them in real life situations.

We hope you’ll join us!

Download the registration form here:
Sunday School Registration Form.pdf

Return completed registration form to
St. Thomas’ Church
P.O. Box 631
Camden, ME 04843
attn: parish administrator